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About Us

A Family Owned Medical Spa

Ava Medspa & Wellness Centre is a family-owned medical spa. The business consists of a team of health professionals located in Niagara Falls. AVA Medspa & Wellness Centre prides itself on its inclusivity, welcoming clients of all races, genders, and walks of life. The staff are multilingual and can communicate with their clients in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. The business provides numerous services such as lash and brow treatments, foot care, injectables, and skin treatments. AVA Medspa & Wellness Centre offers high-quality, clinically researched methods to meet the wellness goals of their clients.


Meet the Providers!


Nurse Paola

Paola began her journey in 2018 when she started a foot care business with the goal of helping those in her community.

She has an extensive nursing background, working in clinics and in the community for many years. Her main focus is anti-aging, conditions of the skin and hair loss.

Paola strongly believes in empowering her clients and uncovering the beauty that begins from the inside.

Nurse Paola offers complimentary consultations to explore the best treatment to reach your goals.


Esthetic Technician

Andrea is an esthetic technician. She specializes in skincare and lash enhancements. She takes great care in helping others feel good in their skin. Andrea began her lash business in 2019.

Both Andrea and Paola are passionate about non-invasive and holistic treatments. Therefore, they decided to join forces and open a space where we can work together in providing wellness and aesthetic treatments.


Mariana Lugo, DO(EU)

Dr. Mariana Lugo joined us in June 2022. We bond over our passion for treating diabetic feet as well as helping our clients manage their pain. 

Mariana Lugo DO(EU) is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who brings innovative and effective treatments for pain. Mariana practices a European style of Osteopathy, which utilizes hands-on manipulation of muscles and joints mobilization using techniques including stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

Mariana is also a certified LLLT Laser Therapist and incorporates Bioflex Laser Technology into her treatments to treat soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritic conditions, and repetitive stress injuries. Mariana is bilingual in English and Spanish. Her specialty is Sacroiliac Joint subluxation 

Ava Medspa Values

Welcoming Atmosphere

Ava Medspa & Wellness Centre aims to provide an inclusive environment for all its clients. Through the medical spa's diverse staff and positive climate, they have created a safe and welcoming space that allows their clients to feel confident.

Multilingual Business Communication

The spa has a diverse staff through which they offer services in different languages to communicate with the Spanish, Portuguese and English communities.

Uplifting Environment

The medical spa aims to promote self-confidence through its services and provide a safe space for its clientele. Ava Medspa combines the peace and tranquility

Why is Ava Medspa & Wellness Centre special?

Ava Medspa & Wellness Centre focuses on building trust with its clients to raise awareness of various medical and aesthetic concerns and promote self-confidence. Ava Medspa believes in providing evidence treatments and a patient-focused experience. The medical spa aims to fuse the peace and tranquillity of a spa environment with the standards of a medical office in one space.  Ava Medspa & Wellness Centre provides high-quality services and brings new knowledge and innovative techniques from their training within South America, one of the capitals of the beauty industry.

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